We create magic, with 24 frames at our beck and call. We cause this disintegration and watch the tower fall...




On May 30th, 1985, I got the chance to see Sisters of Mercy on their second tour of the States at Fenders Ballroom in Long Beach. Now almost 33 years to the day, NAUT’s new record Raise the Lights moves me just as much as that night. This band creates driving, ethereal, melodic Post Punk. I guess what I am trying to say is that almost every song on their soon to be released 12 inch is an anthem. What impresses me about NAUT is that I can hear their influences, but at the same time they have their own sonic vision, which will be evident when you hear this for yourself. CVLT Nation beyond stoked to be streaming Raise the Lights in full below, make sure to pick up your copy HERE!

Fans of Then Comes Silence, Grave Pleasures and early English post punk should listen to the Bristol goth rockers Naut's debut ep, says War God.

The English city of Bristol has the house many metal bands such as Jaguar (NWOBHM / Proto-Speed etal) and Onslaught (Crusted Thrash). However, Naut is not inspired by the scene, far from being in a completely different kind of 80's concrete pile in the city bordering Wales. 

The five young Bristol people are obviously hopelessly in love with the dark English postpunk scene from the 80's. We speak more Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim and Siouxsie and the Banshees than for example. The Cure, even though the ep's first cut is called 'Disintegration'. There is synth in the band lineup, but Naut's gothrock is more guitar-based than many newer dark wave bands.

'Raise the Lights' is a pure retrofest of all five songs, like their European colleagues Then Comes Silence (whose last LP was on my top 10 over 2017's best albums) and Grave Pleasures (which I recently delivered a superconcert on the Loppen) , but I think clear that Naut has clearly found their own niche in that game. By the way, Beastmilk fans can quietly check in at the hotel Naut. 

So while sewing the last heavyweight brands on your battlevest before the metal magic party in a while, here's a little safe space to wear eyeliner and party like the war god's generation did in the Cold War 80's before wearing three metal styles towards Fredericia. Goth is good! And Naut is doing better than most new bands in the genre. (translated from Danish).



From across the waves, on the other side of the Channel, the first EP from NAUT a Bristol-based 5-star band, drifts into our mailbox. "Raise The Lights". The shared love of the artists who inhabit this band is post-punk, classic rock and metal, with a sufficiently dark edge to touch on goth rock. But they have more in their arsenal than that.

They sail in with the tones of “Disintegration”. Rough and tangled guitars and a cork-dry rhythm section, which strikes like waves, hard against the rocky coast. It is sufficiently danceable for the first generation goth rockers who seem to float weightlessly over a dirty dance floor. “They are there”, I thought, but they shout out: “I'm Here”. The second track, a monster of a bass line starts the raw post punk song’s progress, a blissful melody follows after.

The title song “Raise The Lights” is another piece of the galaxy, a Milky Way system shot further in some Black Hole: goth rock and wave, more drastic, black edges burned on it. Also the vocal is darker. Still a gem, though.

In “Frames,” synthesizers are given a role, with an epic bass line as a companion. The guitars need to be content with a supporting role, although in reality, they still hold the reins. In the refrain they put on a shoegaze guise and the strings are under pressure for more than 6 minutes!

“XVI” rocks to the end of the road and many of you readers will think of a very big name from the goth rock genre. Now it would be foolish of me to say who. Give this EP a listen and let it penetrate into the depths of your black soul. Wasn’t there a band that sprang from the same island, there in the underground, who released a song from one of their few studio albums called More? I want more... and that is what has to be said. Please Bristol guys of NAUT: give me more !!!!!!!!!!! - 88/100

Amazing and abrasive mix of post-punk and Gothic-Rock, unique enough, to deserve listening and purchase.
— Ascension Magazine & Promotions
Give the EP a listen. If you are to the sisters of mercy and / or Grave Pleasures, you will very well hear something interesting in NAUT. I am and I can. Enjoy...
— Substance Blog