Post-Punk from Bristol

5 piece Post-Punk/Goth Rock band from Bristol, whose shared love of classic rock and metal, along side reverence for the goth and post-punk pioneers of the late 70s and 80s makes itself known from the start. The songs switch from raw gothic tribal tom beats to uplifting anthemic synth in a moment, but always stay danceable and perhaps most dangerously, catchy.

Driving basslines and pounding drums create a dynamic and shifting rhythm section to support the interwoven guitar and synth lines, which create harmonies more akin to NWOBHM than a straight up Goth revival band. The lyrics emerging from the hypnotic riffs carry a theme of otherworldly exploration, removing self imposed limits and realising your will.

To explore the self and the world we are in to the fullest is a recurring call, with occult and alchemical imagery, double meanings and lines open to interpretation making the songs as shifting and hard to pin down as the world they describe.

Musically standing apart from contemporary post-punk revival bands, NAUT brings something new to the table and the 80s back to where they should be, here.

After a string of electrifying shows as both headliners and main support for acts including GRAVE PLEASURES and COLD IN BERLIN, NAUT have ushered their debut EP into the world. ‘Raise the Lights’ was recorded late in MMXVII at RS Studios in BRISTOL by Jamie Elton and was mastered by Orgone Studios (Ulver, Grave Pleasures).

'Raise the Lights' was released on 08.06.18.

Over the last couple of months the record has been well received and has received radio play and coverage in major publications like Kerrang! Magazine and Cvlt Nation.


Logos and album art can be found HERE


“On May 30th, 1985, I got the chance to see Sisters of Mercy on their second tour of the States at Fenders Ballroom in Long Beach. Now almost 33 years to the day, NAUT’s new record Raise the Lights moves me just as much as that night.” - CVLT NATION

“Goth is good! And Naut is doing better than most new bands in the genre!” - DEVOLUTION

“Wasn’t there a band that sprang from the same island, there in the underground, who released a song from one of their few studio albums called More? I want more... and that is what has to be said. Please Bristol guys of NAUT: give me more !!!!!!!!!!! - 88/100- PEEK-A-BOO Magazine

“...it evokes all that was good about gothic rock back then but has been subtly updated, with a rather more muscular sound”  - Metal Gods TV

“Bristol quintet NAUT find that the clash of murky beats, switchblade guitars and shimmering synths with the same timeless outsider swagger as in the '80s" - KERRANG!

““Amazing and abrasive mix of post-punk and Gothic-Rock, unique enough, to deserve listening and purchase.” - ASCENSION MAGAZINE



MP3 files can be downloaded HERE


Official video for Disintegration by NAUT from the 'Raise the Lights' EP.

Further videos can be found HERE